Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University

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AddressDepartment of Agricultural Chemistry. No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 106.
Administration office: New Agricultural Chemistry Building Room 316
Get off at Gongguan Station (Songshan–Xindian Line), exit from 2nd or 3rd exit, you’ll arrive at NTU main campus.

Bus stationMRT Gongguan Station
0 South15274Fuxing Main Line109207208208 Shuttle208 Express236Roosevelt Road Main Line236 Shuttle251251 Shuttle252253254254 Shuttle278278 Shuttle280280 Express284311311 Shuttle505530606643644648660668671672672673675676688849849 QuChi8959071501150515501728BR 11BR12BR 22G11G13BL28Huai-En Main Bus S31Songjiang-Xinsheng Main Line
Bus StationNational Taiwan University
O South52109207208 Shuttle236 Shuttle251 Shuttle253280280Express2843115055306436686716756766889071068150115051728BR11G11G13Songjiang-Xinsheng Main Line

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