Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University

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National Taiwan University
Department of Agricultural Chemistry
GSAT & TELC Selection process
Subject Standard
University code 00148 Chinese Top 75% 1. High school academic results
2. GSAT total score of Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science
3. Score of GSAT Science
4. Score of GSAT Mathematics
5. Score of GSAT English
College division Third division English Top 75%
Quota To be announced Mathematics Top 75%
Number of quata availabe To be announced Social studies --
Additional quota To be announced Science Top 75%
Number of quata availabe To be announced TELC --
Note The abilities to set up apparatus, measure chemicals and use equipment to carry out experiments are the most important. Some parts of experiments require ability to distinguish colors. Students would also be required to have the ability to escape from the laboratory during emergencies.
*General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT)
  Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC)