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Brief history of Department of Agricultural Chemistry

This department was one of the earliest instituted disciplines when the University was founded by the Japanese government as the seventh Imperial University back in 1928. The department established one of the earliest graduate  institutes of the University and started implementing a Master's program in 1947. The undergraduate program was divided into two divisions, namely, Agricultural Product Processing, and Soils and Fertilizer in 1961. Ph. D. programs were started in 1968.

Important Events
1927. Taipei Imperial University was founded
1928. The Discipline of Agricultural Chemistry, Department of Philosophy and Agriculture was founded
1945. The Department of Agricultural Chemistry, College of Agriculture, National Taiwan Uni. was founded
1947. Master's programs were started
1961. Undergraduate program was divided into two divisions
1968. Ph. D. programs were started/graduate program was divided into three divisions
1994. graduate program was divided into five divisions (soil environment and plant nutrition, biotechnological chemistry, biological chemistry, microbiology, and nutrient science)
2002. The College of Agriculture was renamed as the College of Bioresources and Agriculture
2003. 18 teachers went to new-founded department of biochemistry and technology, the College of Life Science. another 18 teachers were retained in the original department