Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University

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Research Facilities

       Our department is located in NTU main campus’ Building No.3 (also called Department of Agricultural Chemistry Building No.1) and New Agricultural Chemistry Building (also called Department of Agricultural Chemistry Building No.2). Most of the laboratories are located in Building No.3. On the 3rd floor are Plant-Microbe Interactions Laboratory, Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, Laboratory of Pesticides and Environmental Toxicants, Ecotoxicology & Environmental Chemistry Laboratory, Protein Engineering and Chemistry Laboratory and Food Chemistry Laboratory. While on the 2nd floor, there are Plant Nutrition and Chemistry Laboratory, Environmental Nanotechnology Laboratory, Molecular Microbiology Laboratory and Soil and Environmental Sciences Laboratory. Last but not least, on the 1st floor we have our Bioresources Chemistry and Application Laboratory and 2 classrooms (classroom No.5 and No.6).
       In the New Agricultural Chemistry Building , on the 1st and 2nd floor located 4 student laboratories and 2 classrooms (R105, R106). On the 3rd floor, there are Administration Office, Microbiology Laboratory, Environmental and Molecular Microbiology Laboratory. All the precision instruments are kept in the 4th floor of this building.
      The red building outside our department building are the Grain Processing Laboratory and Food Processing Laboratory. Besides, our greenhouses, net houses and the Laboratory of Soil Environmental Chemistry are located next to Agricultural Product Sales Center in Zhou Shan Road. Soil Surveying and Categorization Laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of Soil Musuem in the NTU Experimental Farm.