• Name : Chih-Pei LEE
  • Staff Title : Senior Technician
  • Office No. : +886-2-33662062
  • Email : cplee0622@ntu.edu.tw
  • Duties :
    1.Academia related affairs, such as arrangement of department’s courses, teaching hours and students’ results etc.
    2.Students affairs such as degree examinations, waiving of credit hours, graduate requirement checking etc.
    3.Handling the “Innovative Teaching Plan” and the progress report.
    4.Financial affairs of the department such as expenditure report, authorization stamp etc.
    5.Checking on the financial purchasing under 300,000 NTD.
    6.Other assigned tasks.
  • Name : Hsiu-Ting CHEN
  • Staff Title : Associate Manager
  • Office No. : +886-2-33664822
  • Email : htchen@ntu.edu.tw
  • Duties :
    1.Recording, filing and transferring meeting reports from the department meeting or department council meeting.
    2.Handling the process of teacher evaluation, promotion, and hiring new teacher.
    3.Tendering of property and labor procurement cases, bid opening and joint supply contract procurement operations, etc.
    4.Handling the process of recruiting new students.
    5.Management and maintenance of the department’s website.
    6.Other assigned tasks.
  • Name : Ya-Huei LAN
  • Staff Title : Senior Clerk
  • Office No. : +886-2-33664824
  • Email : lanhui@ntu.edu.tw
  • Duties :
    1.Checking, filing and handling official documents.
    2.Managing access card, announcement board, and student part time worker.
    3.Affairs related to students’ advisor (funding, scholarship, internships and etc.)
    4.Handling the rewards for outstanding academic research, outstanding teacher and outstanding advisors.
    5.Editing the newsletter for the college, annual report, and for our department.
    6.Managing the data of the alumni and conducting events for the alumni.
    7.Other assigned tasks.
  • Name : WeiTe Lin
  • Staff Title : Assistant Technician
  • Office No. : +886-2-33664820
  • Email : wadelin@ntu.edu.tw
  • Duties :
    1.Responsible for demonstrating the usage of XRD and AA Spectrometer, and maintenance and management of the instruments.
    2.Managing and maintaining all the laboratory equipment and instruments.
    3.Managing affairs related to environmental safety and fire safety, and also responsible for educational training regarding these topics.
    4.Handling and managing the funding and budgeting of the department.
    5.Management and maintenance of the department’s website.
    6.Other assigned tasks.
  • Name : Chia-Fen TU
  • Staff Title : Messenger
  • Office No. : +886-2-33664826
  • Email : chiafenyu@ntu.edu.tw
  • Duties :
    1.Sending and receiving all kinds of mails, official documents, letters or financial forms etc.
    2.Preparing meals and refreshments for events such as department meetings or student-teacher activities.
    3.Managing the fund which is available for the department assisting professors in reporting for funding.
    4.Maintaining the cleanliness of the administration office and the head of department office.
    5.Other assigned tasks.
  • Name : Hsow-In LIAO
  • Staff Title : Messenger
  • Office No. : +886-2-33664825
  • Email : liaosy@ntu.edu.tw
  • Duties :
    1.Assisting professors in the process of registering for fundings.
    2.Other assigned tasks.